6 Year 7% Super Bond - Issue 2


6 Year Super Bond

Projected return

7% p.a.
  • IFISA Eligible
  • £1,000 Min investment
  • Interest Paid Monthly

The Company

BR 6 Year Ltd is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up to allow investment into a single structure and receive a monthly interest return. The SPV is 100% owned by Berkeley Rutherford Ltd.

The Market

This 6 Year crowd bond will invest directly into a number of other crowd bonds. The purpose of the bond is to offer diversification of both companies and sectors, but to make decision making simple for investors. The companies bonds we invest into, will vary as new issues of the bond are released.


The main sectors we create bonds for are:
  • Commercial Lending
  • Bridging loans
  • Property development
  • Energy
  • Asset Finance

How funds are used

Your investment is used to buy bonds in companies which can demonstrate a good business model and where we can perfect security. This may be a charge registered over the assets of the company or a debenture as a charge over the company. We prefer businesses where there are assets to cover the investment or for an insurance policy to cover any capital losses. After our investment team are satisfied with initial due diligence and the bond is agreed, we will continue to monitor the company to ensure key factors are being met. We favour companies who can offer us a widediversification of risk within their own bond and who also have an on-going need for expansion.


Security is by way of a debenture on the special purpose vehicle, which has subsequent debentures over each bond issuer or their assets.


Although the bond is transferable, there is currently no secondary market, so investors should only plan to invest over the full 6-year term.


Your funds will be allocated to three or more other bonds.


The bond pays a fixed annual interest of 7% per annum over a 6-year term, with interest payable monthly, and the capital repaid as a lump sum upon maturity. The term commences when your investment is completed.