Ted generation 1


7 Year Bond

Projected return

6.5% p.a.
  • IFISA Eligible
  • £100 Min investment
  • Interest Paid Monthly

Welcome to the Ted Generation 6.5% 7 year Bond

We are excited to be bringing to the market our 7 year Fixed Interest Bond, an opportunity to earn upto 6.5% pa over 7 years. 

Ted Generation 1 Ltd is the issuer of the bond and will be carrying on the business of supplying Micro Power Stations to UK businesses who hive a high electricity and energy consumption. This gives these businesses a separate heat and power supply to the national grid. It supplies the power at a discount, and reduces Co2 

TED Generation invests in technology which can reduce, produce and manage the energy our clients need. This investment, combined with our team’s specialist know-how, generates immediate and sustainable cost and carbon savings for our clients, and long-term and sustainable returns for us.

We are fully UK based, as a management team, we have over 30 years’ experience in the energy industry. We are passionate about the environment and continually work with our customers and technology partners to drive down carbon emissions in a practical and economic way.

TED Generation, buys, installs and owns Micro Power Stations. A Micro Power Station is just as it sounds… a small power station. As well as generating electricity, it also captures the heat generated and puts that to use. The core technology is CHP (Combined Heat and Power), which has been long established. Wrapped around this are the customised controls and support to maximise the running and the output. Using Micro Power Stations, TED Generation generates heat and power on site with guaranteed discounts for the customer. As soon as the on-site Micro Power Station is operational, the customer saves money on their power and heating bills.

This is typically a 20% saving on the energy generated per annum over a multi-year contract. The customer’s cash flow improves from the first day of operation and the load on the National Grid is reduced, with up to 40% reduction in carbon emissions.

Repayment Example

TED Generation 6.5% BondNot held in IFISAHeld in IFISA
Higher rate tax payerBasic rate tax payerBasic rate tax payer
Investment amount£10,000£10,000£10,000
Interest rate6.5% p.a.6.5% p.a.6.5% p.a.
Tax rate payable on interest40%20%N/A
Gross interest earned£616£616£616
Tax payable£246£123£0
Net interest earned£370£493£628
Total capital and interest received by the end of term£11,484£11,979£12,474
Rate of interest required to be paid if to achieve the same level of interest if bond held in the IFISA wrapper8%7%

Sources: Investors should note that payments of interest are made after deduction of income tax at the basic rate (currently 20%), unless the bond is held in an IFISA. You should note that your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.